Thermal Performance

Energy Efficient Composite Doors

More energy efficient than a traditional timber door, our composite doors are the best choice you can make when it comes to saving energy. Our energy efficient composite doors will reduce your environmental impact whilst saving you precious costs. 

Our thermally efficient doors will keep your home well insulated and your energy bills low. More energy efficient than standard double glazed doors, our composite doors have been tried and tested. Our 44.5mm composite doors were found to be way ahead of the game when in comparison with a 48mm solid timber door and timber panelled door.

Did you know?

  • Distinction doors are 19% more thermally efficient than the 48mm solid timber composite door.
  • Distinction doors are 17% more thermally efficient than the 44mm traditional timber panelled door.

The photos below show the thermal efficiency of each doors. The dark blue indicates lower heat loss whereas the red and green indicate higher heat loss. The lower the score – the more efficient the door is.

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Insulating Core

Whats so special about our composite doors? They help keep you warm whilst keeping the cold and external noise out. This is all down to their high performing insulating core.

Constructed from a high density CFC-free PV foam, the insulated core is very environmentally friendly. With a Global Warning Potential of less than five and an Ozone Depletion Score of zero, our composite doors far exceed the requirements of Approved Document L of the Building Regulations.