Fire Doors

Fire Doors

Fire doors comprise a door design with a fire resistance rating to reduce the spread of fire and smoke between separate compartments or rooms. All fire doors need to be installed with the appropriate fire resistant fittings such as the frame and door hardware in order for it to comply fully with fire regulations. If you’re looking for fire doors for your home or premises, get a free quote.

Fire doors are integral to providing an important safety feature to a number of building types including homes, offices, public buildings, factories and more. Designed to slow the spread of fire and smoke throughout a building a fire door can contain a fire for an amount of time that gives people extra time to get out into safety. A fire door will also limit the damage a fire can do to a building as well which provides benefits for all involved.

Industry Leading Fire Doors

We offer a selection of fire doors from Endurance and Distinction that are suitable for both residential and commercial properties which promise high performance as well as an option that doesn’t have to impact negatively on a property’s aesthetics. You won’t be limited in terms of how your fire door looks either, as they are available in a range of colour options and finishes. You can add a fire door for protection without compromising on style.

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Safety & Style

You don’t have to opt for fire doors that are solid either, you can still have glazing options in order to see through the door for the sole purpose of seeing who and what is on the other side. The glazing is also fire-resistant so you don’t need to worry about glass that will weaken and break in the event of a fire. Because the main purpose of our fire doors is their function that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on how it looks inside your property.

Safety Features

Endurance FD30 fire doors feature the most robust solid core on the market with an intumescent seal around the door which expands under heat. There is another in the Rehau frame which helps to seal between the additional steel reinforcing and the wall. Each door is fitted by default with a WinkhausAV2 multipoint high security locking mechanism to achieve the standard and enhance security levels.

The FD30 and the FD60 denotes the amount of time these fire doors can withstand a blaze. The FD stands for fire door and the 30 and the 60 stand for the amount of time the door can withstand a blaze and contain it. The FD30 can be applied to the majority of the Endurance door range which means you are combining a solid and secure design with stylish and aesthetically pleasing fire doors.

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Meet Regulations

Building Regulations require that multiple tenant dwellings such as blocks of flats, must have fire doors installed for the safety of their occupants. When you select Endurance or Distinction composite fire doors you are exceeding this requirement so that you have peace of mind about the safety of the property as well as the fact that it can blend in nicely with the surroundings of the interior design.

It’s vital that you discuss your fire door requirements with experts who specialise in the manufacture and installation of fire doors who can give you excellent advice and guidance. That’s where we come in! We can provide excellent recommendations on the type of fire door that will best meet your requirements. We can guide you through the entire process to give you peace of mind and guidance throughout.

Secure composite doors Hayes London

• Recognised by Secured By Design
• Adheres to Building Regulations
• FD30 or FD60 options
• Contains and limits fire spread

Weatherproof composite doors Hayes London


• Can be used for interior garage doors to deter intruders
• Install in blocks of flats or residential homes for peace of mind
• Suitable for all types of commercial property

Energy efficient composite doors Hayes, London


• High performance insulating core
• Fireproof Glass Options
• Exceeds Approved Document L of Building Regulation Requirements

noise reduction composite doors Hayes london

• High performance insulating core
• All of the benefits of a normal composite door
• Reduces noise pollution

Hardwearing composite doors Hayes, london

• Easy to maintain
• No cracking, or delamination
• Virtually maintenance free

Durable composite doors hayes

• Built to last
• High impact resistance to marks and scratches
• Inner and outer panes to prolong appearance and provide ease of cleaning

manufacturer guaranteed composite doors Hayes London

• Maintains quality appearance through everyday wear and tear
• Resistance to knocks and scratches
• Durable and robust profile

Fire Door Prices

Have complete peace of mind with our highly secure fire doors from the composite door company. To receive a free, accurate price use our online quoting engine.

If you have any further questions, you can get in touch using our contact form. Alternatively, call us on 0208 756 3543 to speak with one of our experts directly.