Endurance Composite Doors

Composite Doors – Renowned For Their Solidity and Security

Well known for providing solid and secure timber core composite doors, Endurance create a profile that is a popular and sought after choice for many homeowners in London. Endurance are a leading manufacturer of modern composite doors that are known for their strength with advanced technology used to create a robust and resilient profile. With unrivalled strength and dimensional stability they are an excellent option for the security conscious homeowner who wants to add protection as well as beauty to their home.

With every composite door put through thorough and controlled security tests, Endurance have demonstrated that their doors are even able to sustain blows from a sledgehammer and still come away without puncture holes through the inner core. This provides confidence to the homeowner that their family and possessions are incredibly secure with an Endurance composite door as part of their property.

endurance composite doors Hayes London

Stylish Composite Doors

With a large range of styles to choose from, the composite door collections draw inspiration from a number of places. The classic collection for example, takes note of Georgian and Victorian eras whereas the Urban collection focuses on modernity. We have a Country collection that perfectly suits rural properties such as farm houses and cottages providing a focal point for your property.

Whatever style you prefer, every collection is designed in a way that they can suit any property type required. You can personalise your composite doors further with a choice of colours as well as tailoring the functionality by adding hardware from our large range. You can select a style that will blend well with the building and its surroundings or you can opt for a stand out style and design that will draw the eye and add character.

Colour Options

All Endurance doors are available in 17 colours so that you can find the exact colour scheme to match your property and suit your tastes. Whether you’re looking for a refined and neutral door or something that will add a splash of colour there are a number of options. Colours such as Irish Oak, Golden Oak, Walnut and Mahogany offer a traditional woodgrain feel whereas Rich Red, Turquoise Pastel and Chartwell Green can create an eye catching and unique first impression.

You can even look at matching your door colour to existing doors, windows or other aspects of your property with our RAL colours. This way you can create a harmonious aesthetic with all of your property colours matching up and remaining consistent throughout. You don’t need to compromise on colour, instead you can find the exact match. Colour is important as it can add character and flair to a property in a way that can be subtle or bold depending on your preferences.

Design Your Composite Door

There are a number of solutions for your composite doors and we have an online design feature that will help you to envision how your doors will look once they are added to your property. We can offer advice and expertise on the full range in order to help you find the composite doors to meet your needs. With a large wealth of knowledge and years of experience, we can answer any questions you may have about our composite door products.

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Glazing Options

Having a glazed area on your composite doors is a great way to add light into your home. This is a benefit as it can add an airy and spacious feel as well as warmth to your home. Having natural light flood through into your entrance hall or other rooms will enhance the atmosphere. Whether you opt for a large or small glazed area, we have a large range of glazing options to choose from to make sure you find the ideal match for your composite door requirements.

Some of our glazing styles include decorative lead and bevel patterns or you can opt for plain textured glass depending on your individual taste. You can also select whether you would like double glazing or triple glazing so that there is no need for additional backing glass. With 30 different options of glazing over 54 door styles, you’ll be spoiled for choice and will be able to select a composite door that is a one-off just for you.

Hardware Accessories

When it comes to adding the finishing touches to your doors, you can select from a wide range of hardware options that also come in a number of different colours. Choose from Chrome, Graphite, Gold, Bronze, Black, Antique Black and White to create a mesmerising finish with great functionality for your composite doors. Each of the colours are finished to a high quality creating a great aesthetic to your composite doors.

We can provide letter plates which can take A4 size post and papers with ease. We can add a secure through fixing which means that the letter plate can only be removed from the inside of the house making sure that it cannot be tampered with from the outside in order to break and enter. This way the integrity of your door remains secure with all of your hardware providing beautiful aesthetics as well as functionality.

There are a number of different handle options such as lever handles, a contemporary choice available with either a True Lock or an ATK cylinder. Lever pad handles ensure that doors cannot be opened from the outside without a key, which is great for the safety conscious. Pull handles look elegant and are available in three different sizes. We can also offer hinges, knockers and pull knobs as hardware options for your composite doors.

Choose our Endurance composite doors and you’ll be completely satisfied with the end result.

Secure composite doors Hayes London

• Solid and Secure Timber Core
• Robust & Resilient Technology
• Tested to PAS24 security standards
• Recognised by Secured By Design

Weatherproof composite doors Hayes London

• Weather resistant door leaf
• High performance glazing
• Can withstand adverse weather conditions

Energy efficient composite doors Hayes, London

• High performance insulating core
• Insulated glass units
• Saves money on heating costs

noise reduction composite doors Hayes london

• High performance insulating core
• Decreases noise pollution for a peaceful and quiet environment
• Beneficial for both urban and rural properties

Hardwearing composite doors Hayes, london

• Our composite doors are virtually maintenance free in order to keep them at optimum condition. All they require from time to time is a simple wipe down to keep them clean.
• Your composite door is not at risk of rotting, warping or cracking as they are known to be highly resilient throughout adverse weather conditions and traditional wear and tear.

Durable composite doors hayes

• Resistant to peeling and cracking
• High impact resistance to marks and scratches
• Inner and outer panes to prolong appearance and provide ease of cleaning

manufacturer guaranteed composite doors Hayes London

• Our composite doors will maintain their quality appearance all year round.
• This incredibly durability is reflected in our comprehensive manufacturer’s structural and surface warranties that come with all our Endurance composite doors.

Composite Door Prices

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