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Here at The Composite Door Company, we are devoted to bringing all of our customers throughout Ealing and the surrounding areas the best composite doors available on the modern market. Our outstanding supply and install services outclass the competition, and we strive to help you to complete your home improvement project in style. Our timber composite doors offer a wealth of benefits that make them the perfect choice for any Ealing homeowner.

We offer two fantastic profiles that will offer a number of positive qualities that help to improve upon your already beautiful Ealing property. The Endurance and Distinction profiles are market-leading products that pave the way for incredible double glazing with unbelievable features that allow you to make the most out of your new installation. Settle for nothing less than optimum quality with composite doors from The Composite Doors Company.


Our fantastic Endurance and Distinction profiles are aptly named for their inherent durability and quality. These fantastic contemporary front doors easily eclipse competing standard profiles, and are proven to withstand intense testing under strict conditions. The Endurance profile for instance is proven to be able to withstand blows from a sledgehammer whilst retaining its structural integrity, and Distinction composite doors have been specifically designed to withstand the ‘kick-in’ test.

This incredible strength can be further bolstered with incredible hardware accessories that help to protect your home even more. We offer a secure-through fixing on installed letter plating that ensures the latter plate cannot be removed from the outside. Similarly, we offer a range of handle options and designs, installed with either the True Lock or ATK cylinder. There is also a further selection of hinges and pull knobs that let you rest assured in your composite doors security.

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We offer a wide selection of composite doors designs that draw inspiration from a number of architectural periods. Our Urban collection takes the simplistic and clean nature of contemporary stylings, while the Classic collection composite doors are imbued with a Victorian and Georgian edge that offers a traditional feel. The Country collection on the other hand embraces the rural, properly suiting any modern home that also finds itself within the countryside around Ealing.

There are also a number of colours and finishings that you can use to customise your composite doors to your exact aesthetic wants and needs. Colours such as Golden Oak, Walnut and Mahogany offer a traditional woodgrain feel, whereas Rich Red, Turquoise Pastel and Chartwell Green are an eye-catching addition to any contemporary design. Our fantastic range of RAL colours will allow you to choose the colour that perfectly matches the vision you have in mind for your property.


Our composite doors are not only structurally sturdy and beautifully designed; they also offer fantastic thermal benefits that will continue to benefit you for many years to come. In the eco-conscious modern era, it is integral to properly utilise the thermal efficiency of your home, and Endurance and Distinction composite doors are the perfect way to do this. Built to retain heat within your home with vacuum sealing, double glazing is a fantastic way to reduce your energy bills.

Double glazing traps heat behind a fantastic vacuum seal, and reduces the amount of cold leaking into your home with anti-draught installations. All of this serves to warm your home naturally, and therefore reduces your heating requirements. This subsequently reduces your energy bills, and the longevity of our products means that this is a feature that you will continue to benefit from for years to come. This also has the added benefit of reducing your carbon footprint as well!

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Secure composite doors Hayes London

Secured by Design accredited.
• Dense polyurethane foam core.
• Powerful, structured timber core.
• Surpasses PAS24 requirements.

Weatherproof composite doors Hayes London

• Tested to BS6375 for anti-weathering.
• Durable design and structural integrity.
• Weather-Proofed door leaf technology.
• Laminated veneered lumber reinforcing.

Energy efficient composite doors Hayes, London

• Intricate insulated glass units for extra warmth.
• Surpasses Document L of Building Regulations.
• Substantially reduces your carbon footprint.
• Reduces both your heating and energy usage.

noise reduction composite doors Hayes london

• Outdoor-Indoor Transmission Class (OITC) of 26db.
• Drastically reduced external noise pollution.
• Beneficial for both urban and rural properties.
• Sound-cancelling insulated core offers silence.

Hardwearing composite doors Hayes, london

• Self-sustaining and durable profile, built to last.
• High Impact Resistant Thermoset GRP skin.
• Anti-rotting, warping and cracking technology.
• Restored quality with little more than a wipe down.

Durable composite doors hayes

• High impact resistance against scratches.
• Anti-peeling and cracking technology.
• Inner and outer panes prolong appearance.
• Inherent structural strength built to last.

manufacturer guaranteed composite doors Hayes London

• Distinction Doors comprehensive manufacturer’s structural and surface warranties.
• Endurance Doors comprehensive manufacturer’s structural and surface warranties.
• Durable composite doors maintain structural integrity and quality for years to come.
• Thermally efficient composite doors reduce your energy consumption dramatically.

Composite Doors Prices, Ealing


If you think that The Composite Door Company are the right installer for your installation project, you can receive a bespoke price using our quoting engine. It is simple to use and only takes minutes to complete.

Alternatively, you are absolutely welcome to utilise our online door designer, a fantastic tool that offers instantaneous composite doors quotations in a quick and easy to use manner. Get in contact with The Composite Door Company today and complete your Ealing home in style.